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Acoustic Systems

If you have a problem with nuisance noise transfer Eliteform manufacture a system that can dramatically reduce the amount of noise transferred, ideal for use in;

  • Plant rooms
  • Factories
  • Stadiums
  • Nightclubs and concert venues

We can make it in different forms to suit the application, for example;

  • Over clad an existing wall or ceiling using a built up system of pressed galvanised channels, acoustic insulation with a perforated and profiled outer sheet allowing noise to be absorbed and dispersed within the overall build-up of the cladding.
  • Cassette panel which can be incorporated into any wall or cladding system and used in a specific noisy area.
  • In a standalone panel, ideal for areas that are difficult to access or where the system needs to follow a curve.

Different materials such as aluminium or colour coated steels can be used on the outer sheet with either a flat, profiled or curved finish so that a wide range of aesthetic finishes can be achieved.  

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