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Laser Cutting, Punching & Fabrication

Eliteform in house facilities for laser cutting, punching and fabrication include;

  • Amada EML 3610 NT Combination Laser & Punch Machine equipped with MP300/40 automatic sheet loader & unloader. This machine can profile any shape in sheets up to 8mx2m the only machine with this capability in Ireland & UK.
  • Amada EM2510 Punch Machine equipped with MP300/3 automatic sheet loader & unloader.
  • Amada HFT170-4 Press Brake a 4m long press brake we have tooling to work up to 6mm mild and stainless steel.
  • Amada HFE 3M Press Brake.
  • Jorns Twinmatic PRO-200 - the latest in long bending, folding parts in 2 directions offering high speed, precision and intricate part production with a capacity of 8mx2mm mild steel.
  • Jorns Twinmatic 200  - this is an older version with the same capacity as the PRO-200.
  • Jorns Standard Folding Machines – we have an 8mx2mm, a 6.4mx3mm and a 4mx1.5mm single action folding machines.
  • Camu  Cutting Line with twin decoiler, levelling and slitting line for handling coil form metals to cut to length and width.
  • Selection of guillotines and cutting lines with capability of cutting up to 4mx8mm plate.
  • 3m Pyramid rolls.
  • Selection of TIG, MIG,MAG and MIG pulse welders.
  • Numerous power presses, general workshop tools and machines.
  • Drawing packages and software to handle the most complex designs which link into software for cutting and pressing machines for fast turn around and accuracy.

With all this equipment, technology and experienced staff we can handle any sheet metal fabrication.


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