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Insulated Gutters

  • Eliteform Manufacturing Ltd. manufacture membrane coated Insulated Gutters  consisting of a PVC membrane lined weather skin with PIR rigid insulation and a steel internal liner sheet.
  • Designed to reduce heat loss and prevent condensation, in applications where there is a corrosive atmosphere. Please consult Eliteform Sales Department.
  • Individually designed system available to match specific customer requirements, only limited by machining and material limitations.
  • Lengths available up to and including 8M long.
  • Various insulation can be used, however PIR rigid insulation board normally used to meet fire and thermal conductivity requirements. A variety of depths of insulation are stocked, ranging from 30mm to 100mm thick.
  • Once installed to Eliteforms recommended fitting instructions this system will provide a continuously sealed gutter.
  • Eliteform Manufacturing Ltd. use the most up to date 3D software that allow the most challenging project demands be satisfied, including Corner units, T-sections, Transition pieces, special outlets etc.
  • Eliteform Insulated gutters do not act as structural support, and therefore require support from the steel frame. Where continuous support in not available gutter straps may be used. Please consult Eliteform technical department for additional support requirements.
  • Eliteform Manufacturing Ltd. has a team of skilled employees available to offer technical guidance and support to customers on all aspects of ordering, delivery and installation.

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